Who we are

There are experiences in life that can’t help but move you … After 26 years of marriage and going round the world, we’ve shaped the same ambition – to place human relations at the heart of our professions. In 2021, we fulfilled a mutual plan: creating our property transaction company in the heart of the Pyrenees! Sensitively aware of each region’s living heritage, we’ve roamed the summits of each valley, learned to know its villages and taken time to meet their inhabitants. The wealth of culture to be found there is a real source of inspiration for us and we enjoy sharing it!

Nicolas Rougier

Nicolas was a sales adviser for 25 years and then managed a car dealership, mainly in the Landes region. He knows his environment and is at ease when recounting the emotions that it brings. He’s able to describe every detail of what goes on in the mountains and perceive every unique feature that intimately reveals the beauty of the Pyrenean landscapes. An asset for enhancing our properties!

Stéphanie Rougier

Stephanie has devoted herself heart and soul, for more than 20 years, to bringing up our 3 children and so, when it comes to a challenge, she knows how to lead! Managing a family or a business comes down to nearly the same thing in the end! Courageous, patient and loyal, Stéphanie wants to embody her values in each of her lives. Optimistic by nature, she’s always cultivated integrity, which is often decisive in our profession. A real asset for making a success of every mandate!

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