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We give a valuation based on comparative data, the transaction history, the conducive or less conducive economic climate, the condition of the property, and the local factors – orientation, accessibility, and architecture. In addition, we call on our experience, our acumen, and our inspiration to reach a valuation that’s as realistic as possible. We can also offer you an estimate produced by a property expert.
The assessment of a property is just like a recipe – it’s based on subjective criteria, and if you’re planning to sell your property, account should also be taken of your expectations, your background, your plans, and sometimes your desires…


We don’t believe in a property market governed by an exact science. The essence of your property is not just square metres but the feelings that it evokes! And so we’re involved in this adventure as much as you are, in order to listen to you and, together, to pass on all the lovely stories that lie behind your property! We’ll naturally persevere by every means, from the estimate to the signature, to guarantee a reliable and efficient transaction.

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Imagine yourself contemplating the mountains from your family chalet or renovating the house of your dreams near a lake … Whether you’re a fan of winter sports, or of exploring, or are seeking a peaceful little corner, our valleys are brimming with places in which to invest or re-invest! We know that every single one of our properties opens a window onto the promise of a future lifestyle, and we do everything to fulfil yours.

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